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Top 10 Podcasts Every Marketing Leader Should Listen to in 2023

As a marketing leader, staying current with the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in the industry is essential. With an ever-changing landscape, finding quality resources that help you stay ahead of the curve can be challenging. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 10 podcasts that every marketing leader should listen to in 2023. These podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from leadership and strategy to digital marketing and community building. So, without further ado, let's dive in!


Exit Five Podcast with Dave Gerhart

Hosted by the charismatic Dave Gerhart, the Exit Five Podcast focuses on the art of crafting engaging marketing campaigns, nurturing leads, and closing deals. Featuring interviews with some of the industry's most successful marketers, this podcast is a goldmine for anyone looking to grow their business. Dave is excellent at interviewing guests, bringing unbridled views on marketing approaches, and engaging his audience to ask questions. Sample episodes: B2B content strategy, The CEO crushes it on LinkedIn, Brand marketing, and Story is strategy.


CMO Podcast with Jim Stengel 

The CMO Podcast, hosted by former Procter & Gamble Global Marketing Officer Jim Stengel, offers invaluable insights and lessons from top CMOs across various industries. Tune in to learn about the latest marketing trends, strategies, and challenges these executives face daily. The powerful thing about Jim's approach is the guest roster he brings every week.  There are truly exceptional people from well-known, huge brands that share perspectives on career, strategies, tactics, and thinking that make marketing work.


Marketing Today with Alan Hart 

In Marketing Today, host Alan Hart interviews CMOs, marketing leaders, and authors, delving into the minds of some of the industry's brightest thinkers. This is one of my favorites because there are so many practices and tips to take note of. Listen in to stay updated on innovative marketing strategies and tools that can help you succeed in today's competitive landscape. Sample episodes: Maximizing the Marketing Budget and Being Responsibly Irreverent with Ben Mand, CEO at Harmless Harvest, Getting People to Try Your Product with David Sandström, CMO at Klarna, and Trends in Fintech and Driving Growth through Affiliate Marketplaces with Drew Glover, Founding Partner at Fiat Growth and General Partner at Fiat Ventures.


Digital Disrupted with Paul Muller 

Digital Disrupted, hosted by technology strategist Paul Muller, explores the impact of digital transformation on businesses and marketing. You'll love his lighting round at the beginning of each episode! With insightful discussions on how technology is changing the way we market, this podcast is essential for marketing leaders who want to stay ahead of the curve. Fun fact: Paul and I worked together at HP earlier in our careers. Sample episodes: Change is Constant, How do you define innovation, How AI is powering a new era of communications.


The Next CMO 

This one is hosted by Peter Mahoney, the CEO of Plannuh. But it's not full of product pitches. Focused on the future of marketing, In the Next CMO podcast, Peter covers, marketing strategy, planning, demand generation, case studies, analytics, and digital marketing tech. Tune in to learn how to navigate an ever-evolving industry and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. Sample episodes: When customer success and marketing are besties, and The future of marketing operations.


The Community-Led Show 

Alex and Kristi's, The Community-Led Show dives deep into the world of community building and management. With interviews featuring community leaders from various industries, this podcast offers valuable insights and strategies for building engaged, loyal communities around your brand. The live community every day, and you can tell! Sample episodes: The value of community reporting, How community can turbocharger your brand, and How community can humanize business.


The Get: Finding and Keeping the Best Marketing Leaders in B2B SaaS 

Erica is one of the best CMO recruiters in the business.  She also hosts a great podcast with valuable insights you'll want to hear. With episodes featuring interviews with marketing leaders and executives, this podcast offers valuable tips and strategies for building a high-performing marketing team. Sample episodes include: How the best CMOs work with investors, How to avoid guesswork when interacting with the Board, and How to inject discomfort into your scale journey.


The Community Experience 

Jillian is a community builder who brings like-minded folks on air with her for great discussions. The Community Experience podcast explores the ever-growing importance of community in the world of marketing. Tune in to learn how to create, grow, and leverage community to drive business growth and customer loyalty. Sample episodes: Failure to Launch, How Terry Doubled Revenue, and Simple Ways to Make a Big Impact.


Marketing Against the Grain with HubSpot 

In the world of community, everyone wants to emulate HubSpot, so why not tune into their podcast? Marketing Against the Grain, produced by HubSpot, offers an unconventional take on marketing strategies and tactics. With a focus on thinking outside the box, this podcast encourages marketing leaders to challenge conventional wisdom and embrace new, innovative approaches to grow their businesses. Sample episodes: Use AI to Accelerate Your Career, The Case Against ChatGPT, Why Free Stuff Makes Us Crazy, and Three Hacks Start-ups Use.


These top 10 podcasts provide marketing leaders with a comprehensive and diverse range of insights, empowering them to navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape successfully. Regularly tuning in will equip you with the knowledge, inspiration, and innovative strategies needed to stay ahead of the curve, build strong teams, and drive business growth. 

Make sure to add these podcasts to your listening rotation, and take advantage of the wealth of wisdom and experience shared by industry experts, thought leaders, and successful marketing executives. 

Happy listening!