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Elevate your B2B software marketing to unprecedented heights

We specialize in transforming growth trajectories with proven strategies for $5M - $400M ARR organizations.

Meet your Strategic Growth Catalyst

As a results-driven marketing leader, I've navigated the path to multiple successful exits and architected award-winning go-to-market strategies for every stage of business growth. With a deep understanding of the B2B software landscape, I specialize in turning challenges into opportunities, ensuring your organization not only competes but leads in its field.

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Go-to-Market Strategies

Boost engagement and revenue through improved messaging, market segmentation, persona definitions, and customer engagements focused on value and outcomes.

Demand Generation Programs

Harness innovative, targeted tactics to generate demand and convert leads into loyal customers.

Community-Led Growth Strategies

Uncover the power of community to drive engagement and loyalty, setting you apart from the competition.

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A CMO's guide to community-led marketing in a product-led world

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Proven Impact, Measurable Results

Strategic Direction

"Derek has been an invaluable resource in helping guide Particle41’s marketing strategy and refining go-to-market tactics. Through our insightful discussions, he has provided thoughtful perspectives on our brand, crafting customer-focused content that resonates and adopting a winning mindset to shape opportunities proactively."

Benjamin Johnson

Founder & CEO


Revenue Growth

"On an accelerated timeline, Derek was able to deliver an analysis of our existing narrative and message to improve our problem definition, define our ideal customer profile (ICP), create a new sales narrative and positioning framework, and create a compelling story for our product and brand. His marketing expertise and insight, resulted in immediate impact and positive business outcomes measured by an increased quantity and improved quality of MQLs and booked revenue."

Scott Stockton

Chief Revenue Officer

Integrated marketing

"Derek is an expert in community-led marketing. What is particularly exciting about his insights is how he connects community-generated relationships and content with other channels to build strong brand and demand-generation programs. The approach is centered on customer and community trust, which becomes a real asset for the company."

Christoph Brenner

Head of Marketing

Ready to Propel Your Growth?

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Marketing starts with a conversation. Let's talk about what your organization needs to reach new heights. I'm here to guide you through every step of the journey.