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Not enough CMOs and marketing teams understand community-led growth. The programs my teams and I operated seemed obvious to us but were seen as awesome by others.

I wrote the book to share these experiences with you. The book is filled with vibrant case studies from B2B and B2C businesses, in additional to marketing playbooks that you can leverage in your own go-to-market strategies.


Dan Tyre, HubSpot

"In the modern era, people crave connection. Companies fostering thriving, self-sustaining communities not only gain a substantial competitive advantage but also forge enduring connections, creating value for years. Unfair Mindshare is a tour de force in the art of attracting and engaging today's buyers. Derek Weeks illuminates how community-led marketing can become a CMO’s secret weapon for driving significant pipeline and revenue growth. This book is a game-changer packed with strategic insights and fresh perspective."

Kathleen Booth, SVP Marketing & Growth, Pavilion

"Unfair Mindshare is the definitive guide to community-led marketing. Derek Weeks is a seasoned expert, whose 'been there, done that' expertise and comprehensive understanding of the synergy between product, brand, and community yield a book that's both inspirational and educational. Above all, it's brimming with actionable insights. This book is an indispensable read for the modern marketer."

Paul Muller, former Worldwide VP Marketing, Hewlett Packard

Unfair Mindshare masterfully engineers a seismic shift in marketing, propelling the conventional playbook into a new era of community-led strategies. Building upon traditional product and brand marketing strategies, Weeks introduces a paradigm that helps businesses rise above the market noise. A courageous approach, grounded in real-world case studies, which makes it all the more compelling. Viva la revolution!”

Tanya Loh, CMO, Forgepoint Capital

“In Unfair Mindshare, Derek Weeks reframes community-led marketing with vibrant case studies and practical playbooks. In this increasingly transactional, automated world, he shows us how to cultivate the best of human behavior in modern software development and innovation: the desire to learn, engage, and help others. This book is a powerful beacon for marketing leaders seeking to build true brand affinity and drive exponential business growth.”


Terry Flaherty, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Demand Services, Forrester Research

“Derek masterfully unpacks the critical role of community-led marketing in a modern, orchestrated marketing plan. Unfair Mindshare serves as a strategic blueprint, providing step-by-step guidance for aligning community initiatives with both demand and brand strategies. If your marketing team is not part of the community conversation, you're starting from a position of disadvantage. This book equips CMOs with the tools to shift from this vulnerable stance to one of considerable advantage, optimizing plans to drive tangible results." 

Scott Stockton, CRO,

"Unfair Mindshare has redefined my perception of what's possible in community-led marketing. Weeks unveils innovative methods that align perfectly with our current landscape. For CMOs hungry for transformative insights, this book serves as your marketing North Star."


reader guide with background


Want more out of Unfair Mindshare? Use this set of questions for each chapter to reflect on the concepts and strategies presented in the book. Includes bonus material.



Fellow CMOs, Barb and Alec, invited me in to discuss marketing strategies that have the power to reach larger audiences and build trust within targeted markets.

Katie Finn and I discuss the importance of community-led growth and how it ties into brand and demand gen strategies. "Think bigger" was a key theme during our talk.

I sat down with my good friend Paul Muller to discuss how CMOs can be approach, structure, and budget for community-led marketing. The lightning round with Paul was great fun.

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Derek Weeks is the founder and CMO of Unfair Mindshare, a leading marketing consultancy renowned for crafting boundary-pushing go-to-market strategies that capture the attention of markets, win more deals, and create remarkable brand experiences. As a four-time CMO and VP of Marketing with over thirty years of experience, Derek has shaped marketing at Fortune 100 technology powerhouses and scaled growth for innovative venture-backed start-ups alike.

Honored as one of the top CMOs in the Washington, D.C. metro area by DCA Live and snagging the coveted Marketing Department of the Year award from the Business Intelligence Group, Derek strives every day to make a positive impact in the community of marketers worldwide.

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Silicon Valley, Derek now lives in beautiful Bethesda, Maryland, with his wife, two children, and tail-wagging Labradoodle.