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Community-led Marketing Example: 21 Marketing Tech Stacks

All marketing leaders today are responsible for building a tech stack to support their go-to-market initiatives. Thousands of choices from just as many companies are available to us, and the potential configurations are endless. The favorite core platforms are well-known by everyone. Then come the smaller tools used at your previous company that you now consider a must-have. Next, you add on the experimental new solutions or something you’ve heard peers in the community raving about that you now have the budget and resources to support.

What if I told you there was a set of marketing tech stack reference architectures you could access online for free? I’m sure you would go and check that out. The deck would be even better if I had not created all of the possible permutations myself and instead told you that I collected them from 50 CMOs who were gracious enough to share what tools they invested in and how they plugged them together. The deck would add even more value if I referenced which CMO contributed a specific reference architecture. Imagine reaching out to that CMO and their team to ask questions about what they liked, didn’t like, changed, or had evolved over time. That kind of resource would be useful to the CMO community for years.

Well, to help prove my point, I created such a deck.  You can access and download it here.



Imagine that we made it better by inviting other CMOs to contribute their marketing tech stack architectures, and the compilation grew over time. The deck would provide value to CMOs new to their role, those starting at a new company and inheriting a tech stack, or those part of a growing organization that needs to look for different solutions that match their expectations for scale. 

Yes, I did that too.  If you have one to contribute, please see the instructions at the end of this deck.



This blog is an excerpt from Derek Weeks' upcoming book: Unfair Mindshare, a CMO's guide to community-led marketing in a product-led world.