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In Lifting Others, We Rise

How it Started

"I am going to write a book on this someday."

That was the sentiment I shared at the end of several conversations.

Let's journey back a year ago. A number of industry friends reached out to me seeking advice as their businesses were shifting in new directions. They were engaging with customers, yet their key messages were not as impactful as they had hoped. Despite promoting their products and services, they struggled to cut through the noise in crowded markets.

I did my best to offer perspective and useful advice, repeatedly finding myself returning to a framework that embraced outside-in thinking. This approach was just as crucial when considering the market dynamics as it was for understanding their customer base. It involved reflecting on market needs instead of merely pushing a perceived value. It centered on initiating conversations with a focus on "them" — the audience — rather than "us," the business. It was about forging a path that began within a community, leading to the expansion of vast audiences and significant revenue growth.

At the conclusion of many such discussions, I frequently said, "I am going to write a book on this someday."

Well, I did.

Writing it Down

I dedicated myself tirelessly for months. The book lived in my thoughts but needed to be transferred onto paper. I began with crafting a detailed outline, which evolved into a 25-page roadmap, guiding the extensive writing ahead.

I set a pace of writing approximately one thousand to fifteen hundred words daily. On some days, the words poured out effortlessly. On others, they required more polish and thought.

Some days were devoted to meticulous proofreading and revisions, while others demanded research and conducting interviews.

Finally, the narrative in my mind transformed into a tangible 312-page book.

I refined marketing frameworks for community-led initiatives, elaborated on three-tiered playbooks to assist marketing leaders in revamping their market approaches, and developed new methods for assessing the vitality of community-led initiatives. Moreover, I delineated the "rules of the road," establishing guardrails to maintain the course of community-led marketing endeavors.

Moreover, the book sheds important light on integrating community-led efforts with brand and demand-generation programs. It showcases methods by which marketing teams have incorporated communities into their comprehensive go-to-market strategies, leading to remarkable business growth and enabling them to stand out in saturated markets.

The 312 pages offer an engaging read, featuring case studies, playbooks, expert insights across various industries, and straightforward frameworks to direct your team's endeavors. This book is by no means a scholarly examination of marketing; it's more of an unfolding adventure.

The Feedback Loops

During the writing process and in conversations about the book, I often encountered comments like, "That is a highly relevant topic right now," or "You've chosen an excellent time to write about this; many are trying to navigate these waters."

Through the consistent days of writing, such affirmations bolstered my belief that I was on the correct path, that the extensive hours spent would ultimately resonate with others.

As the book approached its final form, I shared it with a select group of CMOs, CEOs, CROs, and industry influencers for feedback. Their constructive critiques significantly enhanced the book, and their positive responses provided a healthy dose of motivation, propelling me toward the next significant milestone—its release.

Today, I am ten days away from the release of the book. The realization that I had tapped into something significant has broadened from a few encouraging voices of friends to a wider chorus of recognition.



Over the recent weekend, my book began to appear on Amazon bestseller lists, ranking in the Top 10 for Customer Relations, Direct Marketing, and Organizational Learning. Witnessing this acknowledgment is incredibly humbling. More so, I am eager to provide marketing professionals the opportunity to delve into it. They will discover stories from myself and many others, compiled to educate and inspire.

Making a Difference

Ultimately, what I'd like to believe is that my efforts have helped some people.

That would make all the difference.

If you have an opportunity to pick up the book. Crack it open. Read through it. Then, let me know what you think of it.

All feedback is welcome.