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Who else should I speak to?

No person is an island, especially in the world of business and professional communities. As a marketing leader, you know that cultivating relationships is a powerful means to make the most out of your industry presence. However, have you considered the impact of a simple yet powerful question? My friend Mark Miller, a seasoned professional in community engagement, routinely poses a fascinating question when speaking with his professional counterparts: 


"Who else do you think I should speak to?"


Why is this question so effective? It's because it seamlessly guides one community connection to the next, like links in a sturdy chain. Each formed relationship strengthens not just your network but also the fabric of the community as a whole. Let's dive into the magic behind this question and the profound impact it can have on your journey through professional communities.


Building Bridges

The beauty of Mark's question is in its simplicity and its intent. It's not a query for names alone; rather, it's a strategic request for connections that matter. It's a gateway to new people, fresh perspectives, and, ultimately, stronger bonds in your professional community.

Let's liken it to a stone dropped in still water, creating ripples that stretch far beyond the point of impact. Similarly, when you ask, "Who else do you think I should speak to?" the response sends you rippling through the community, connecting with others who, in turn, lead you to more contacts.


Deepening Connections

By asking this question, you indicate to your conversational partner that you value their judgment and insight. This sense of trust can elevate a casual interaction into a meaningful professional relationship. It signals to them that you're not only interested in their insights but also those of others they respect or consider influential.

Furthermore, the question inherently conveys a willingness to listen and learn from others, a quality that goes a long way in professional communities where collaboration and knowledge-sharing are vital.


The Ripple Effect

Each conversation sparked by Mark's question can lead to deeper insights into the community's dynamics, interests, challenges, and potential solutions. As a marketer, you can leverage these insights to form a richer, more detailed understanding of the market landscape and its shifting requirements. This, in turn, can inform your strategies, helping you better cater to the market's needs and enhancing your brand's relevance.

Moreover, these accumulated relationships aren't just about individual gain. As you engage more deeply with various community members, you become a more active participant and contributor to the community. This involvement can elevate the entire community, leading to a more vibrant, collaborative, and insightful space for all its members.


A Catalyst that Propels You

Mark Miller's question is powerful. It's a catalyst that propels you forward on your journey through professional communities, creating stronger bonds, facilitating more profound insights, and contributing to a more vibrant community. As you navigate the professional landscape, remember this question. It's not just about who you should speak to next; it's about the ongoing pursuit of growth, knowledge, and connection.

To quote an old saying, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." But perhaps, in the context of Mark's question, it's more accurate to say, "It's not just who you know, but who they know, and who you could know next."

Now for the challenge. Before the end of today, I want you to use Mark's question. To become good at it, you have to practice. And what better time to start than today.


"Who else do you think I should speak to?"


Let me know where it takes you.