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Reserve Fridays for Positivity

Good news that arrives on a Friday is the best.

There’s something inherently uplifting about receiving good news, especially when it graces us on a Friday – it feels like the universe is orchestrating a harmonious start to our weekend.

I received great news this morning on a big project I've been working on. I'll share more on that in a later post. Let’s just say my spirits were significantly elevated. 🌞

This brings to mind a valuable lesson from a former manager, a principle I’ve integrated into my own leadership style:

“Reserve Fridays for Positivity.”

Over the years, I’ve made it a practice not to disseminate any unfavorable news on Fridays, whether it's to my team, peers, or associates within the industry.

Why, you ask? Primarily because the weekend should be a sanctuary, a time to decompress and rejuvenate.

Nobody wishes to spend their weekends ruminating over unsettling information. Remember the last time that you spent brooding over bad news on a Saturday or Sunday? It blew the day.

Weekends are for cultivating joy and enriching relationships with partners, children, family, and friends. It's the positivity during these moments that fortifies our bonds.

Some might argue that receiving unpleasant news on a Friday provides the weekend as a cushion, allowing time to absorb, reflect, strategize, and recover. While this perspective has its merits, I advocate for allowing the weekend to be a refuge from the professional storm, letting the news hold until a more suitable weekday.

If you are reading this on a Friday, have a great weekend!