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Do people LOVE your brand?

Why do people love your brand?

Each time someone interacts with your brand is an experience for them. When it’s positive, they feel special. You elevate them, applaud them, or make them feel like they are a better person. The experience can be magical.

If you close your eyes right now, I bet you can imagine your recent magical brand experience.

On the other hand, their experience could be ordinary, undifferentiated, frustrating, or tragic. The opportunity for them to love your brand is lost in those moments.

When was the last time you experienced a poor brand interaction? I’m sure it would be easy to name a few brands that disappointed you.

Where does brand love start? Love starts with a relationship of understanding, trust, shared experiences, and an emotional connection.

Think about your company’s latest marketing or product-led effort. Does it start with love for your customers, prospects, or market? Is the engagement all about you, or did you build it for them? What will they experience, and how will they feel?

Today is a great time to start if you haven’t asked yourself these questions in a while. If you lead a marketing organization or team, ask them the same questions.